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What to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Installation in Dagenham

It can be easy to get carried away when planning a new kitchen installation. But there are many things that require careful consider beyond choosing a layout and countertops. If you’re in Dagenham and choose to use our bespoke kitchen design service, then we will guide you every step of the way, delivering your dream kitchen installation within your budget.


If you choose to design your kitchen elsewhere, we can still act as your kitchen installer, handling every aspect of the process, as we are not just skilled electricians and can also handle painting, decorating, plastering and tiling.


Kitchen Design Tips

Flooring – We always encourage our Dagenham clients to invest in quality flooring when planning their new kitchen installation. If you’re having a large kitchen built you may think it’s too expensive to buy high quality flooring, and be tempted to go with a cheap option. But if you’re spending money on creating a fantastic space to eat and entertain, why drag down its look with rubbish floors? Choose durable and attractive flooring that matches the look of the rest of the kitchen and you instantly have a great looking space.


Lighting – As one of the Dagenham area’s leading electricians, we know a thing or two about lighting. You’d be surprised how many times an electrician is called in as a kitchen installer, only to find the plans provided include insufficient or tacky lighting. Lighting is essential, and as kitchen installation experts we know what will do the job and what will leave you in the dark! Take time to consider what type of lighting you want, and where it should be positioned. Alternatively, give a LSTB electrician a call for advice.


Cabinetry – It’s important you have a good idea of what type of cabinets you require. Many a kitchen installer in Dagenham won’t care enough to make a point of this. But as bespoke design specialists, we always ensure our clients have considered both how much space their cabinets afford them, as well as what they look like. Rubbish cabinets can cheapen an otherwise classy, stylish kitchen, so beware!


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