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The Romford Area’s Local Electricians

Our kitchen installation experts are often called out by homeowners and companies around Romford who require the professional assistance of an electrician. Here are a few of the most common reasons we are called out for electrical work.


Why Might I Need an Electrician?

Faulty Lights or Sockets – If your lights or sockets aren’t working then this could mean an issue with either the lights and sockets themselves, or your electrical installation. Our Romford based electricians can quickly diagnose the issue, and replace faulty fuses, old light fittings and wiring quickly and efficiently.


As bathroom and kitchen installation experts, we have trained and learned to function as plumbers and to carry out general building work. This means that if the issue is something that might not usually be solved by a traditional electrician, we can still help! For example, if water has leaked into your electricals and you need plumbing fixed, or if a rodent has gnawed through your wiring and you need to patch up a hole in your wall.

New Light Installation – Wiring electrical installations can be highly dangerous, and many people have been seriously injured or killed when attempting to install lights on an amateur basis. We recommend our Romford clients called in a professional electrician whenever they need lights installed in their home.


While we are well known as the Romford area’s premier kitchen installer, we will also install lights and carry out other electrical works for bathrooms, bedrooms – anywhere you can think of. Versatility is a key reason why we’ve survived in the ultra-competitive electrical and building services industry for so long, going far beyond the realms of a mere kitchen installer!


Electrical Certification – Our electricians can issue you with electrical safety certification following an inspection of your premises. If for any reason your electrics are unsafe, we can recommend ways to shore them up, and carry out any modifications or repairs at highly competitive prices.

Remember, if you are a Romford landlord it’s essential that you ensure your properties’ electrics are safe and certified to be so, otherwise you could be legally responsible for any accidents that occur in them. So give us a call and arrange an inspection!


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